The apotheosis of Barry 109

If you google ‘Obama the Messiah’ you will find a website where numerous assertions that Barry Obama is a man of a different sort from other men, a messenger from elsewhere, a bearer of light, a transforming prophet, have been collected together, with images depicting him in the radiance that iconographically surrounds the Redeemer and saints in Christian lore and mythology. Some have even called him ‘the Messiah’. 


‘Christ’ is the Greek translation of  the Hebrew ‘Messiah’. It means ‘The Annointed’.  

So Barry is the Christ to these Americans. Barry Christ. Christ Barry. Ponder that, and conjecture what is to come. 

For one thing, what will they do, his devotees, when he fails – as he must – to deliver what they expect?  Those who vote him into power as just an ordinary politician, albeit one on whom they place extraordinary expectations, will probably find excuses for him. But to those who believe he has divine and miraculous powers, his failure to bring them into the Promised Land and transform their lives into a continuous state of rapturous bliss, will seem like deliberate betrayal.

What will they do then? Tear him to pieces, not just verbally but physically? Now that would not astonish me.  

Incidentally, ‘bearer of light’ is the meaning of ‘Lucifer’ – the devilish fellow to whom Saul Alinsky dedicated his book: Saul Alinsky being the Communist theorist of Community Organizing, who influenced and inspired both Hillary Clinton  and Barry Christ. 

So if Barry is a visitor from another world, which one is it? A higher and finer one, or a nether hell?

Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Monday, November 3, 2008

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