Imagine 138

Imagine that a core member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is running US foreign policy. Let’s say it’s a woman, and give her a name: Huma Abedin, we’ll call her. She has risen to become the power behind a nominal secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. By working Hillary’s strings with the knowledge, approval and encouragement of an Islam-sympathizing president, Huma has helped the MB – an organization dedicated to destroying the United States and bringing the world under cruel Sharia law – take power in Egypt. Then she arranges an invitation for the MB Egyptian president to visit the White House, and has the US cancel a third of the debt Egypt owes the US. Next she needs to organize a cancellation of a joint military exercise of the US with Israel, and switch it to Egypt instead. Powerful as she is, she does not quite manage to bring about the cancellation, but she does get the US-Israel exercise severely curtailed, and the Egyptian exercise launched.

The wider context of the story is that Egypt has troops and tanks deployed in the Sinai in breach of the country’s treaty with Israel. And, in addition, the new MB Egyptian government has embarked on a systematic and unrelenting persecution of the country’s Christian minority.

Could this wildly imaginative story possibly be realistic enough to convince the majority of US voters who think that President Obama is doing a fine job with foreign affairs that they may be mistaken?

Might do. But it’s not true, is it?

Okay, it’s true that Huma Abedin is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s closest adviser.

It’s true that the MB has come to power in Egypt.

And that Mohamed Morsi, the new MB President of Egypt  has been invited to visit the White House.

And that Egyptian troops and tanks are in the Sinai in breach of the treaty.

And the MB government of Egypt is persecuting the Coptic Christians.

But what’s this about canceling Egyptian debt and switching visible military support from Israel to Egypt?

This is from Israel National news:

Just days after a report that the U.S. was sharply cutting its participation in a military exercise scheduled with Israel, U.S. planes landed in Egypt Tuesday for a joint exercise, the first since the fall of Hosni Mubarak. Code-named “Eagle Arena 2012,” the exercise will include air and naval forays by US and Egyptian planes and boats, over the country, Sinai, and the Red Sea.

According to Egyptian media reports, the purpose of the exercise is to enable Egyptian forces to practice both defensive and offensive tactics. …

The exercise is one of a series of steps the U.S. has undertaken in recent weeks to build ties with the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi, the new President of Egypt. According to U.S. reports, Washington is set to forgive a billion dollars of Egyptian debt as part of its international assistance program for Egypt. The debt will be dumped in the laps of U.S. taxpayers. Egypt currently owes the U.S. some $3 billion.

Imagine the mainstream media reporting these true stories with the outrage they deserve.

You could, perhaps – if you have a very strong imagination.