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Donald Trump won last night’s presidential candidates’ debate overwhelmingly – not only against the other candidate, the smugly grinning criminal Hillary Clinton who he rightly said should be in jail, but also against the moderator, Martha Raddatz:

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The two Rs 0

Good choice for economic literacy

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The next Republican president 1

‘Comes the hour, comes the man.’ But does he? And who is he?

The Democrats are doing so much harm to the country, both domestically and internationally, and arousing such intense opposition among voters, that a Republican revival looks highly probable. What’s missing is the leader – not ‘a’ leader, but ‘the’ leader.

If we knew him we would be able to say what makes him the right man. (Or the right woman. I’m only saying ‘man’ for convenience.) But as he’s not standing unmistakable before our eyes, we can at least try to describe what sort of person he should ideally be: what experience he should have had; what beliefs he should hold; what qualities and abilities he should have acquired or been endowed with by nature.

Completely irrelevant are his (her) ethnic derivation, racial descent, color, or class.

First, he must be proud of his country. He should know its history. He should want above all to preserve what it has always stood for: liberty. He should believe that American power is a force for good in the world and be determined to maintain it.

Next, he should have been a leader in some walk of life, and have proved himself to be trustworthy and competent at directing others.

He must of course be a person of honor, decency, civility, and probity. He should deeply desire to be just, but hold the law and the Constitution in higher esteem than his own inclinations.

He should be a good judge of character, know how to weigh advice, but be intelligently decisive and firm in implementing what he decides.

He should be able to talk to the nation plainly, to say what he means and mean what he says.

He should broadly share the values, understand and respect the aspirations of his fellow Americans.

He must be a zealot for national prosperity, keen to let the free market work as the unique bread machine that it is, by keeping taxes low, government curbed, and private property safe.

Finally, he should be the sort of commonsensical soul who takes himself with a pinch of suspicion.

Is he out there somewhere? Can anyone put a name to him?

Jillian Becker    October 13, 2009

Vote them out 0

Laura Hollis writes an article in Townhall summing up the disaster that is the Obama presidency along with the Democrat-dominated Congress, and reminding the electorate that they can save their country. The whole thing is a must-read.  Extract:

At certain times in history, events seem to inexplicably conspire to bring about disaster. Watching Obama’s administration unfold is like watching a documentary about the Titanic, World War I, the Russian Revolution of 1917, Hitler’s rise to power, or the Great Depression. Knowing already what is to come, the viewer is nevertheless transported into retrospective incredulity: How could all these things happen at the same time? How could no one see what was coming? Where were the voices of warning? Did no one know any history? Couldn’t this have been averted? Why did the people allow themselves to be led like sheep to the slaughter?

What we have been hearing during Congress’ August recess (and well before) are the voices of our would-be overlords, attempting to herd and reign in and lash Americans into the chutes they have designed for us. But this is not inevitable. The only weapons they have now are humiliation, insults, and opprobrium. We the People, however, have far more powerful weapons in our arsenal: voices expressed in dissent, our own financial resources, and our votes. If the media will not serve as an outlet for our legitimate protests, then we will squeeze them financially as we could any other corporation, by refusing to support them or the companies that advertise on their networks. If Congress will not listen to us, then we vote them out next year. And if Obama insists upon foisting his Marxist transformation of this country over the will of the American public, then we must marginalize him by saddling him with a new Congress that obstructs his every collectivist move, until he himself can be replaced in 2012.

The self-appointed societal elites think they can shut us up by ignoring or insulting us. But the American public, in keeping with the history of our nation, must refuse to be cowed by those who would mock us into submission. If we cannot withstand name-calling, insults, and false accusations, we will find ourselves shackled by far worse.

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