Westerners! Gather ye rosebuds while ye may 224

This is from the International Herald Tribune:

Three children, all under the age of five [in Kabirwala, Pakistan], were ‘severely’ tortured by their teacher after they were caught plucking flowers from their madrassa’s garden.

Four-year-old Aasia, five-year-old Aqsa and four-year-old Junaid were beaten with sticks and were forced to lie under the sun with three bricks placed over their chests and legs after their teacher, Qari Asghar, got to know that they had plucked flowers from the garden.

“We were plucking flowers for our female teacher who teaches us in the morning. Qari Asghar had put his leg on my neck and then grabbed my hair and beat me up,” said Aasia.

The parents found their children nearly fainting after they were called to the madrassa by some member of the staff. They said that the children were bleeding due to the bricks.

Qari Asghar, the torturer, “ran away from the madrassa after the incident”, but he was found and arrested. Will he be punished, we wonder? Why do we doubt it?

The children were taken to a hospital. The doctor “confirmed that the children were ‘severely tortured’.”

Irked by the incident, Aasia’s father Mukhtar Ahmed said that such a “brutal” person does not deserve to teach the Holy Quran.

We disagree with Mukhtar Ahmed. The perfect teacher of the Holy Quran is a sadist.

But no child deserves to be taught it.

Stories like these should be published widely in the West, precisely because they are painful to read, so those who take a tolerant view of Islam may be taught what to expect as they allow the slow encroachment of Islam into their countries.


Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May by John William Waterhouse