More CO2, please! 2

An article by geologist Jonathan DuHamel at Townhall contradicts the emotive propaganda put out by the sly IPCC on “global warming” and species extinction:

In their quest to control carbon dioxide emissions, together with the economic power that entails, climate alarmists are claiming that global warming will cause massive species extinctions. The geologic record, however, shows the opposite. Major extinctions are associated with ice ages and other cooling events. The current wildlife extinction rate is the lowest in 500 years according to the UN’s own World Atlas of Biodiversity. …

Warmists are shedding seas of crocodile tears over the polar bear species, which they claim may soon be extinct as its arctic habitat is becoming too warm to sustain it (because wicked mankind is making it so). But –

People who live in the Arctic know that polar bear populations have been increasing, mainly due to changes in hunting regulations. Native Inuit hunters say that “The growing population has become a real problem, especially over the last 10 years.”

The polar bear has been around for a very long time and somehow survived conditions that were warmer than now and even warmer than computer projections. …

Abundant research shows that warming increases the range for most terrestrial plants and animals, as well as for most marine creatures. Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere makes plants more water efficient and more robust.

Looking at the greater geologic record, we see that in the warming period subsequent to each ice age, life rebounded with more speciation and greater biodiversity. We have ample reason to believe this pattern will continue.

There you have it: everyone who cares about the planet and its teeming life has a duty to enlarge his carbon footprint.