Stoning to death under Islamic religious law 59

Notice in particular the grinning man who comes near the camera, ready and eager with his stones. No sorrowful religious duty this – it’s pure sport.

The video clip – which is new to us though we don’t know when it was made – and the following text and pictures are from Islam Watch:

Stoning-to-death for adultery is a legal form of punishment in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Muslim-dominated northern Nigeria, Taleban-rule Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Islamists-controlled region of Somalia. Indonesia’s Aceh province legalized stoning to death of adulterers in 2009. In Sharia-ruled Islamic countries …, stoning being a form of legal punishment, offenders are killed by stoning on a regular basis, but those cases get little media attention to the outside world. Stoning adulterers and/or fornicators to death or orders to do so have also been reported in countries like the Sudan, Turkey, Nigeria, and Pakistan, perpetrated extra-judicially upon fatwa by local imams and village courts.

Somali adulterer readied for stoning to death

Somali adulterer stoned to death

How many stones hitting his head, his face, his shoulders, the part of his body that was not buried in the ground, did it take to kill him, we wonder. How long did the killing take? Was he stunned and rendered unconscious long before he died, or did he fully experience the blows and the pain almost to the end?

Compassioneers of the Left who habitually protest against death penalties being carried out on convicted murderers painlessly by lethal injection in the US, say nothing that we can hear against Muslims killing men and women by the cruel and primitive method of stoning, for doing something not regarded as criminal in civilized countries: having a sexual relationship without their being married to each other. Or for merely thinking about having it. Or for being suspected of merely thinking about having it. Muslims say it is by God’s law, the law of “Allah the merciful”.

See also our post The religious observance of stoning, July 11, 2011, where we first posted this:

If the stones are too big they’ll finish off the victim too quickly; if they’re too small they might not be lethal. Muslim men went to a lot of trouble at some time in the past to determine the right size of stones for carrying out these atrocities – by experimenting on people? How else?