The birth and early life of Christianity: what really happened? 140

For the convenience of readers who would like to read all the iconoclastic articles so far posted in our series on the beginning and early development of Christianity, here are the titles, linked to the articles.

(1) A man named Jesus or something like that 

(2) The invention of Christianity

(3) Tread on me: the making of Christian morality

(4) St.Paul: portrait of a sick genius

(5) Pauline Christianity: a mystical salad

(6) The fictitious life of Jesus Christ

(7) Christian theology: “The word made flesh”

Contrary to the fixed belief of an overwhelming majority, Christianity was not born in “the Holy Land”. It was born in St. Paul’s mind in Syria, and preached in Greek in the eastern lands of the Roman Empire. It’s extremely unlikely that there were any Pauline (Catholic) Christian communities in Judea until well into the second century. The misnamed “Jewish Christians” (Nazarenes or Ebionites) – the followers of the crucified man Paul called “Jesus” – remained in Jerusalem as long as they could, but did not believe in the divine “Son of God”. Almost everything you read in the New Testament about “Jesus”, “James”, “Peter” and “John”  is Paul’s and his converts’ make-believe.