Bomb the kaaba 174

The still-comparatively-free-world has almost everything it needs to defeat its most belligerent enemy, Islam. It has superior military, technological, economic, political and intellectual  power. All it lacks is the will.

Daniel Greenfield, writing at Canada Free Press, explains that by not acting against the enemy, by not even naming the enemy as Islam, we are conniving at our own defeat:

The formula for fighting a War on Terror without defining a vector for that terror has led to a state of terror, in which everyone is either terrified or terrorized. The official word is that anyone and everyone can be a terrorist, and even though they all seem to be Muslim, the official position is that this is a complete coincidence, a misunderstanding of the religion of peace or a result of our foreign policy. …

Muslims term their lands the Dar-al-Islam and our lands, the Dar-al-Harb, the realm of the sword. But the irony is that it is Islamic lands which are the true realm of the sword, forever in conflict, Muslim fighting Muslim, while repressing and enslaving Jews, Christians, Hindus and any other minorities under Muslim rule.

The sword has given way to the bomb, though it is still used occasionally on hostages, and by importing Islam we have imported the way of the sword and the rule of the bomb. When the followers of the sword take the plane, then sooner or later they will bomb the plane or use the plane as a guided missile. There is no avoiding that.

Rather than terrorizing the terrorists, our governments terrorize us. They make us into the prisoners of an endless terror while they appease the terrorists. By [their failure] to define a clear enemy, we have all been made into the enemy.

The raid is as indigenous to Arabia as its sand. As Islam has become indigenous to America and Europe, the raid is becoming indigenous to Western nations as well, and no game of ‘three monkeys’ will change that. Islam spread by sword and terror, it survived by sword and terror, and it thrives by sword and terror.

The body count of those slain by Muslim terrorists has translated directly into a quantum increase in Muslim political influence. The Mohammedan religion, once obscure, is now at the helm of foreign and domestic policy. …

The latest conquests of Islam may take a century to complete, but if the demographic trends continue, then they will cover the territory from the warm coasts of Spain to the frozen depths of Russia. The raids will soften up the lands of the sword, cut away their people, intimidate their governments into making concessions and use brute numbers to swarm them and become the majority. It has happened for over a thousand years, long before American foreign policy was anything more than a dream, and it is happening now. All around us.

The demographic bomb is the most explosive of all the devices and it doesn’t show up on even the most intrusive airport scanners. Arafat called the womb of the Arab woman his strongest weapon. The House of Saud liked to say that they had built their nation with a sword of steel and a sword of flesh. These two quotes explain the miserable state of the Muslim woman and the quiet ticking of the demographic clock, the bomb whose components are veiled women, trundling in groups behind a single man, the girls exploited by Muslim ‘Asian’ sex gangs and the rising number of female converts. …

When the number of Muslims proliferate, so does the number of bombs .. the kind that blow up right away and the kind that tick slowly away from generation to generation, embedding themselves into a society, undermining it, chipping away at its roots, until it is time for them to go off. But whatever kind of bombs they are, when they go off they destroy our lives and our freedoms.

We must go on to the attack.

We could make a good start by bombing the kaaba, a black stone enshrined in Mecca that Muslims hold sacred.