Kill whitey! Whitey, laugh! 4

It is not only in America that race hatred is being stoked up by the Left. The work is being done all over the Western world, and everywhere the media are hard at it, helping to bring the hatred to boiling point.

Benjamin Harris-Quinney writes at Breitbart (September 15, 2020):

I have worked with pretty much every major media organization in the West, and by far the most biased and dishonest in dealing with me as a conservative has been the BBC.

If I was in the U.S. I could just switch it off and refuse to appear on their programming, but what sticks in the craw most is that we in Britain are forced to fund it via the near-compulsory [actually compulsory if you own a TV or radio – ed] taxation of a “TV licence”. I am paying someone to pop up on TV to insult me, my way of life, and then advocate for my murder.

I have never received nor have I ever seen an apology from the BBC even when they have been exposed for the most outrageous instances of bias…

Although the BBC depends entirely on public funds, it sees no need to apologize for insulting the public.

Because the BBC depends entirely on public funds, extorted by the government, it sees no need to apologize for insulting the public.

We were told last week by the new BBC Director-General Tim Davies that he was going to immediately perform a “radical overhaul” of their programming to eradicate “perceived left-wing bias”.

Yet this week we are graced with “kill whitey” among a diatribe of Marxism. …

I encourage anyone who thinks the new chairman of the BBC is capable of reforming the cesspit of radical Marxism it has become to watch the clip, or better yet the whole episode of Frankie Boyle’s New World Order.

You won’t laugh, but you will be in no doubt that the licence fee needs to go and the whole BBC needs to go with it.

New World Order… had the [black] comedienne Sophie Duker come on to explain how terrible white people, white culture, and white economics are, before stating: “We don’t want to kill whitey — actually, we do, but not yet.”

There’s a video of her saying it. The others, black and white at the table, laugh as she says:

White power is Trump Tower. When we say we want to kill whitey we don’t really mean we want to kill whitey (we do) but when we say we want to kill whitey, it’s like but not today. … Whiteness is a capitalist structure.

This was delivered with all the comedy timing of a coronavirus briefing. It was deadpan and serious. There was no discernible joke. The point was that white people are terrible, have had their time, and need to be replaced.

It wasn’t a parody, it wasn’t tongue in cheek, it was a racist incitement to violence at a time when exactly this type of violence is spreading across the West, destroying lives and livelihoods in its wake.

The writer says,”There are no jokes, just infantile conspiratorial Marxist drivel.” But that is the joke. To the BLM rioters, to Antifa, to the Labour Party in Britain, to the Democrats in America, to the Marxist cabal that governs the EU, denigrating “whitey”, insulting him, destroying his property, killing him is fun. A gleeful sport.  They laugh as they do it.

And many a whitey laughs with them.

Laugh, whitey, laugh as you perish!

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Britain betrayed 3

Melanie Phillips reveals in her column in the Spectator that Britain’s leftist Labour government plotted to bring huge numbers of Muslim immigrants into the country in order to transform its ethnic composition.

Here is what she writes:

Last October, I wrote about how Andrew Neather, a former speechwriter for various Labour Cabinet ministers, had blurted out the fact that the Labour government had engaged on a covert act of national sabotage by loosening immigration controls in order to change the ethnic makeup of the country and rub the right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date. Neather subsequently tried to deny that this is what he had said, claiming he had been misrepresented by ‘excitable right-wing newspaper columnists’ by presenting his views in such a way that they were ‘twisted out of all recognition…into being a ‘plot’ to make Britain multicultural. There was no plot.’

Well, now we know there was indeed precisely such a plot. Neather had originally written that drafts of a government policy document were handed out in summer 2000 only with extreme reluctance: there was a paranoia about it reaching the media. Eventually published in January 2001, the innocuously labelled ‘RDS Occasional Paper no. 67’, ‘Migration: an economic and social analysis’ focused heavily on the labour market case. But the earlier drafts I saw also included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural.

The pressure group Migrationwatch has now obtained an early draft of that policy document. The chairman of Migrationwatch, Sir Andrew Green, writes in the Daily Mail, which carried the story, that this document shows there was indeed a conspiracy to change the make-up of the country. … The social objective of greatly increased diversity was entirely suppressed for fear of public reaction – especially from the white working class. These are the very people who are now paying the price for a decade of Labour deception.

A covert policy to subvert the makeup of the country and change its national identity, an abuse of democracy, a stupendous swindle of the British people — more, an act of collective treachery to the nation: an enormous story, you might think? You would be wrong. Other than in the Daily Mail, I cannot find any reference to this anywhere else. I wonder why.

While we fully accept and agree that the Labour Party dreamt of turning Britain into a multicultural utopia and took active steps to realize their terrible dream, we will follow this post with another (see above) to show that such a plot was hatched and implemented by all the West European states, under both leftist and conservative governments, in compliance with the demands of the Arab states.