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Jesse Jones, the writer of the movie The Boy Who Cried Warming, sends us this message:

There is a new force in the world of Global Warming, and unlike proposed Cap and Trade Legislation, this one is FREE! A documentary film encompassing all the public misinformation on Climate Change (hence the one and a half hour running time), The Boy Who Cried Warming is now available online for audiences to enjoy at this website …  Support our grassroots campaign through word of mouth. Help spread the word!

We strongly recommend the film. It is riveting. The arguments against the hypothesis – or rather the apodictic declaration – that earth’s warming is because of human activity are very clearly explained. And the conclusion is that the reasons why the environmentalist ideologues make their false claim are: to raise revenue with the  sale of indulgences for carbon output, and to extend government control over our lives.

Fascinating snippets we particularly noted:

Carbon dioxode rises do not drive rises in temperature. On the contrary, they follow temperature rises by some 300 to 8oo years. The temperature drops suddenly, but the carbon dioxide (always a very small part of the atmosphere) remains at the same level for some 30,ooo years.

In ancient times people tried to prevent destructive weather by propitiating supernatural powers with human sacrifice, and that is what the Manmade Global Warming priests are doing again now, trying to make us sacrifice our advanced way of life to “save the planet”.

Here’ s the trailer. We hope it whets your appetite to watch the whole film.

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