The lie that is feminism 98

We despise feminism.

A large part of the reason why is explained in an article by Caroline Glick (read it all here) from which we quote:

The feminist label has never been solely or even predominantly about preventing and ending oppression or discrimination of women. It has been about advancing the Left’s social and political agenda against Western societies. It has been about castigating societies where women enjoy legal rights and protections as “structurally” discriminatory against women in order to weaken the legal, moral and social foundations of those societies. That is, rather than being about advancing the cause of women, to a large extent, the feminist movement has used the language of women’s rights to advance a social and political agenda that has nothing to do with women.

So to a large degree, the feminist movement itself is a deception.

The deception at the heart of the feminist movement is nowhere more apparent than in the silence with which self-professed feminists and feminist movements ignore the inhumane treatment of women who live under Islamic law. If feminism weren’t a hollow term, then prominent feminists should be the leaders of the anti-jihad movement. …

Leading feminist voices in the US and Europe remain unforgivably silent on the unspeakable oppression of women and girls in Islamic societies. And this cannot simply be attributed to a lack of interest in international affairs. Islamic subjugation and oppression of women happens in Western countries as well. Genital mutilation, forced marriage and other forms of abuse are widespread.

For instance, every year hundreds of Muslim women and girls in Western countries are brutally murdered by their male relatives in so-called “honor killings.”…

If all the feminist community’s policy of ignoring Islamic oppression of women did was keep it out of the headlines it would still be unforgivable. But the fact is that by not speaking of the central challenge to women’s rights in our times, the organized feminist movement, and the Left it is a part of, are abetting Islam’s unspeakable crimes against women and girls. …

Hundreds of millions of women and girls throughout the Islamic world are terrorized daily by everyone from their families to their judges.

“Being pro-women’s rights and being a feminist are increasingly mutually exclusive,” the author concludes.

We don’t speak much of rights, preferring to speak of freedom –  wanting to say “we are free to …” rather than “we have a right to …” ; but “human rights” is the cri de coeur of this chattering age. And we’ll accept it, and believe that those who cry it are truly humane when –  and only when –  all the self-proclaimed humanitarians raise an uproar in every land, West and East, North and South, and even in the glorified sewer called the United Nations, against women being subjugated, tormented and broken in body and mind, by the law of Islam.

Go here to see video footage of a woman being flogged in a public carpark in Sudan. Men stand about watching and laughing as she screams. The 17-year-old woman’s offense is reported to be that she wore trousers under her burka.