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As the terrorist Bill Ayers promotes a book in which he urges Americans to be “moral people”, one of his victims goes on Fox News to denounce his hypocrisy.

These aptly ironic comments come from an article by Daniel Greenfield at Front Page:

It’s crazy. You’re in a terrorist organization that goes to war with America, you bomb some places and write a book titled “Public Enemy”.

And then for some crazy reason, you’re depicted as a public enemy.

Poor Bill Ayers. I hope he can clear up this terrible misunderstanding before his next bombing.

Speaking from the well-heeled confines of the University of Chicago’s International House …, Bill Ayers said he was “amazed” to see himself on TV “cast as some kind of public enemy” with close ties to Barack Obama during one of the 2008 election’s biggest controversies.

At the event meant to promote his new book Public Enemy: Confessions of an American Dissident, Ayers slammed the “opportunistic media” and the “eager campaign staffs of the right, the middle, and even the moderate left” for resurrecting the Weather Underground, a radical far-left group Ayers co-founded which bombed government property and banks throughout the 1970s.

“Bernadine and I had hosted the initial fundraiser for Obama and uncharacteristically donated a little money to his campaign,” said Ayers, reading an excerpt. “We lived a few blocks apart and sat on a couple nonprofit boards together. So what? Who could have predicted it would blow up like this?”

Sure. I bet if Timothy McVeigh had hosted a fundraiser for Mitt Romney, the media wouldn’t have even noticed.

Ayers said his new book is ultimately not about the election but rather about “teaching and parenting” and living a life that “doesn’t make a mockery of your values.” He urged his audience to “try to be good citizens, try to be moral people.”

Unfortunately all of Bill Ayers’ tips on how to be a good person involve nitroglycerine so they’re not that much use to the layman.

Ayers’ wife Bernadine Dohrn was also at the event, with Ayers introducing her as his “partner in crime,” adding, to laughter from the audience, “she hates it when I say that. It’s a metaphor.”

So when he was trying to kill people, it was, like a metaphor, man.

Bill Ayers doesn’t know what a metaphor is, but he’s reasonably handy with a bomb. Sadly that qualifies you to be a professor in academia these days.

What sort of people were those in the audience who found Bernadine Dohrn’s all-too-real criminality funny, we wonder. She and her husband should have been charged with treason and executed, but she, charged with lesser crimes, was fined a paltry sum, and he escaped punishment altogether on technicalities. She too is a professor. Insane persons with authority to make appointments in the universities apparently regard murderous terrorists as ideal instructors, guides, and models for the young.

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