‘Belligerent, combative – but no threat’ 87

Nidal Malik Hasan, the Muslim terrorist of Fort Hood, had openly advocated the decapitation of non-Muslims, the pouring of boiling oil down their throats.

Not nice, some of his superiors thought. But it was only because of his religion, they deemed, and his religious zeal must not, in the name of diversity and political correctness, be regarded as any worse or more threatening than anyone else’s – a Christian’s, say, or a Buddhist’s, or a Hindu’s. Let it pass, they decided. Do nothing about it.

They were more ‘concerned’ that he was a ‘mediocre student  and lazy worker’. Yet he got his qualification. No doubt affirmative action saw to that, the policy that chooses the ineligible and promotes the worst above the best; the mindset that has saddled America with an ignorant and incompetent president.

From Yahoo! news:

A group of doctors [at least some of them psychiatrists, presumably – JB] overseeing Nidal Malik Hasan’s medical training discussed concerns about his overly zealous religious views and strange behavior months before the Army major was accused of opening fire on soldiers and civilians at Fort Hood, Texas.

Doctors and staff overseeing Hasan’s training viewed him at times as belligerent, defensive and argumentative in his frequent discussions of his Muslim faith

As a psychiatrist in training, Hasan was characterized in meetings as a mediocre student and lazy worker, a matter of concern among the doctors and staff at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences military medical school, the official said. …

The group saw no evidence that Hasan, 39, was violent or a threat. It was more that he repeatedly referred to his strong religious views in discussions with classmates, his superiors and even in his research work, the official said. His behavior, while at times perceived as intense and combative, was not unlike the zeal of others with strong religious views, and some doctors and staff were concerned that their unfamiliarity with the Muslim faith would lead them to unfairly single out Hasan’s behavior, the official said.

Then why, dammit, did they not make themselves familiar with the Muslim faith?

Why don’t those who repeatedly intone that Islam is ‘a religion of peace’ go and read the Koran and the hadith? No one who’s read them can seriously hold that opinion.

Why don’t those who think Islam is just another religion, and that having Muslims in the armed forces is necessary for ‘diversity’, inform themselves as to what exactly Muhammad taught his followers?

They would quickly discover that Islam is an atrocious, destructive, cruel, murderous ideology. It is past time that the military authorities, teachers, journalists, media pundits, Christian and other religious leaders, law-makers, and indeed all who can read take the trouble to find out what this barbaric enemy coming at us out of the far past believes, plans, and intends.