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Today The Religion of Peace website rings up


deadly Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11.

We reflect their daily tally in our margin.

How can Islam be reformed? Is reform of it possible? To change its mission of conquering the world by “holy war” it would be necessary to take the Koran out of the religion.

What would be left?

If you take the water out of the soup, where’s the soup?

The cult is evil and needs to be destroyed. It should be anathematized, its believers subjected to de-Islamification as the Germans were subjected to de-Nazification after World War Two.

And the consequences for jihad violence – such as the murder of a British soldier by two savage Muslims on a London street – should be as severe as the law allows.

The likelihood of any European country re-introducing the death penalty is remote. But a sentence to solitary confinement for life could be a stronger deterrent for religious Muslims than death. No virgins with bones so transparent that the marrow in them is visible to the lascivious eye. No boys with long eyelashes serving drinks in the finest crystal the heavenly superstores can supply. Let the Prophet’s killers eat the bread of sorrow all the days of their miserable lives.

It won’t happen, but as long as we have freedom of speech we will argue that it should.

That might not be very long now if Islam has it’s way; and if Hillary Clinton, who supports Islam’s demand that criticism of it be criminalized, is – appalling possibility! – elected to the highest office.

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