Government by the stupid for the stupid 5

… but not of the stupid.

Paul Joseph Watson is on to them.

He shows some of the ways Big Virtue tries to discombobulate us.

Arms and the media-man 1

CNN television host Piers Morgan accuses one of his interviewees, in this debate on gun possession, of stupidity. But it is his own stupidity – and self-righteous arrogance – that emerges in the video.

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Gingrich gets through to a crocodile from London 0

Newt Gingrich skewers a CNN lefty host, Piers Morgan, neatly summing up how the Reagan-Romney-Ryan way to economic recovery from the Obama ruination will succeed .

Of course the Left dreads the free market. It can bring the poor to prosperity, and whatever would the Left do without the poor to weep their crocodile tears over as they loll in their luxurious halls of power?