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Every ethnicity, sexual proclivity, religion, body shape, etc., has a well-funded organization claiming the mantle of leadership on its behalf ready to jump (and fundraise) should someone string together words in an unapproved order.

There’s an effort to alter the First Amendment moving through the Senate right now, but there’s really no need for it. We, as a society, have voluntarily forfeited the reason for it already. The horse is dead; stop kicking it.

So Derek Hunter writes at Townhall.

He deplores the political correctness that is exercising a puritanical tyranny over free speech:

The political correctness movement ruined honest political discourse, funny movies and decent sitcoms, and now it’s sucking the joy out of everyday life …

It may seem like a lifetime ago, but it was only the 1970s when “Blazing Saddles” was made and embraced by a culture simply looking to laugh. It was offensive. It was silly. But most of all it was funny. Same goes for “Airplane!” Richard Pryor and George Carlin were mocking people and cultures, and it was hilarious.

Now we are no longer ready to laugh; we’re ready to be offended. No, we seem to crave being offended.

Not all of us, of course. But it’s amazing how many people like to complain that they are being victimized by something someone says.

A small deputation to this website asked us to find a word to describe people who make a point of taking offense.

A word is needed that will mark them. They constitute a national menace, demanding not just pity for themselves, but blame and severe penalty for their alleged offenders, abject apologies, and even the amendment – as Derek Hunter notes – of the free speech article, the essential First Amendment, of the Constitution.

We accepted the commission. We began to hunt for such a word. Surely, we reasoned, in the enormous vocabulary of the richest language in the world there is a word for them?

But it seems not. Political correctness is too recent a development in Western culture.

So we  decided we would coin a word. A word that means: persons who crave an excuse to take offense; persons who are hurt-hungry. 

Should we construct it from Greek words, we wondered. No: words in Greek for hurt, pain, offense, and hungriness do not blend and Anglicize smoothly.

Latin then? Yes. In Latin, pain (of body or mind) is dolor. Hungry  is esuriens.

So we can construct a good strong word for the pain-hungry: the DOLORESURIENT.

Be not intimidated by it. It can obviously be shortened to a nice common English word to apply to the offense-collectors: DOLLIES.

With the connotations that word has, it could do very well to offend them.

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From PowerLine:

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Special e-book offer 2

Special offer from Endeavour Press:

From today, Tuesday January 14, 2014, for five days, their recent e-book edition of Hitler’s Children by Jillian Becker will be available free of charge.


“An important and highly readable book, thoroughly researched and written with the pace and excitement of a crime thriller.” – Times Literary Supplement.

“A splendid study of West German terrorism” – Golo Mann, Newsweek (Europe) Book of the Year.

“A thrilling narrative spun out of exact scholarship. I have not seen anything comparable to this book.” – William Stevenson, Author of A Man Called Intrepid and the screen play of 90 Minutes at Entebbe.

“I know of no one who has written on Ulrike Meinhof with such understanding and wise judgement as Jillian Becker.” – Renate Riemeck, Ulrike Meinhof’s foster-mother.

“Ulrike Meinhof’s life has been reconstructed here with immaculate attention to detail and with profound insight. With calm authority Mrs Becker reveals how it all happened, and many a contemporary feature looks clearer in the light of this fine book.” – David Pryce-Jones, Financial Times.

“The author’s approach is an admirable mixture of painstaking research, infinite understanding, nicely judged scepticism and a strong sense of irony. If to define a problem correctly is halfway to solving it, then the West Germans should give Jillian Becker a medal. She has posed the right questions and found the right answers.”  - Dan van der Vat, Bonn correspondent of The Times (London).

“With an Anglo-Saxon pragmatic scepticism, the author presents the intellectual background of Ulrike Meinhof: the need to be different; the longing for strong feelings and sensations; the hatred of normal life; the dreaming of lawless action directed against the optimism of the bourgeoisie. Everything that is then added, from the anti-nuclear movement to the study of Marcuse, appears as the consequence of the religious, deeply romantic original experience. Nothing less than the German soul is being examined in this book.” – Karlheinz Bohrer, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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Charles Darwin said … 5

“I cannot persuade myself that a beneficent and omnipotent God would have designedly created parasitic wasps with the express intention of their feeding within the living bodies of Caterpillars.”

“I can indeed hardly see how anyone ought to wish Christianity to be true for if so the plain language of the text seems to show that the men who do not believe, and this would include my father, brother and almost all of my friends, will be everlastingly punished. And this is a damnable doctrine.”

“Besides love and sympathy, animals exhibit other qualities connected with the social instincts which in us would be called moral.”

“We must, however, acknowledge, as it seems to me, that man with all his noble qualities …  still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.”

“We can allow satellites, planets, suns, universe, nay whole systems of universe, to be governed by laws, but the smallest insect, we wish to be created at once by special act.”

“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science.”

“I am not the least afraid to die.”

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Exult greatly 0

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The witch-hunters 1

These are pictures of puritan judges in the Salem witchcraft trials.

It should be noted, however, that the one at the bottom might have got confused with Sarah Hall Ingram, of whom the Washington Post reports:

An Internal Revenue Service official criticized by Republicans for the agency’s controversial targeting of political groups denied practicing various forms of black magic during testimony before a House panel on Wednesday. Sarah Hall Ingram, former head of the IRS division that singled out tax-exemption applicants for extra scrutiny based on ideology, told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that she has never practiced witchcraft or consorted with Satan. Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-Va.) prompted the exchange in an apparent attempt to mock Republicans who have demonized Ingram, now head of the IRS group that oversees certain aspects of President Obama’s healthcare law — namely by enforcing the “individual mandate” that requires all Americans to obtain health insurance.

So she is not a witch.

But, at some time or other, she was certainly one of the witch-hunters.

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Crisis of identity 1

Who is the woman in the purple garment?  (No prizes for correct answer.)


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Celebration 1

On this Independence Day we have an extra thing, a thing of our own, to celebrate.

We have passed the milestone of 1,000 “likes” registered on our Facebook page.


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Cannibalism: trendy, cool, noble, halal 1

“I could eat you up” is now less an expression of love than of gluttony.

In the last few years cannibalism has been often enough the subject of new reports to make it unremarkable.

You can watch a YouTube film of a Syrian rebel (one of those the EU and US want to help win control of Syria) cutting open the body of a soldier he has just killed, carving out an organ – he hoped it was the heart but apparently it was part of a lung – and eating it. It was a political gesture as well as an imbibement of protein. It announced to the world, “This is how passionately I hate the enemy of our cause” – that cause being the victory of Sunni Islam over Shia Islam. It’s message is: “We will devour you for believing that Muhammad s successor in the 7th century should have been his son-in-law Ali” –  or something noble and compelling like that.

Another video shows an Egyptian authority on Islam advocating cannibalism. Reporting on this expert opinion, a South African periodical hands on the wisdom:

On Al-Tahrir, Egyptian TV advisor Ahmad Abdo Maher discusses the high-school curriculum issued by the highest religious authority in Egypt, Al-Azhar University, which encouraged students to cannibalize apostates and Muslims who abandon praying. The schoolbook stipulated that the act can be carried out so long as the human flesh is eaten uncooked in respect to the dead body and that the act does not necessitate a governor’s consent or is punishable by law.

Most recently, Daniel Greenfield reports and comments on the story of a Nigerian Muslim cannibal at Front Page:

But at least he was doing it for the kids. His kids.

A self-proclaimed Islamic cleric and native doctor has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for selling human parts. 60-year-old Gazali Akewadola, was said to have killed innocent people and used their parts to perform rituals.

He also confessed to eating some of the parts while the other parts were used in making charms for his customers with a full live human being costing between N30, 000 and N40, 000.

I am an Islamic teacher and a cleric and I own an Islamic school in Owode, Yewa. I am also married with eight lovely children. I am also a native doctor. I cure people of ailments and help those who want to become rich quick. I use human parts to prepare charms and concoctions for them.”

According to reports, he was asked if he could sell the parts of his children, but he replied: “God forbid! I do ritual because the money I make from sales is used for the well-being of my children. Also, if I had killed my children and sold them, it could have aroused suspicion and my relations might expose me but if the people I use for the ritual are brought from far away, it is safer for me and my business.”

It is cheaper to buy a live human. You get a lot of parts from it and it is more powerful because the efficacy of the charm or concoction you prepared with fresh parts cannot be compared with the ones you prepared with parts you got from the grave.”

“For instance, a live human being will give you blood. There is charm you can prepare with it. The same body will give you hairs from private parts, head and moustache. You can also cut out private parts. Each part of human being is useful. Even the meat and intestine, liver, heart, eyes, lips, tongues can be used for pepper soup.

“If you buy full human being for N30,000 or N40,000 and dismember it, you can end up getting N100,000 or more because you get more than ten parts and can yield good money.”

When asked why he ate human parts, he said, “It tastes so good and better than animal meat especially when taken with hot drink, or wine or beer but the most essence of eating it is to assure those who patronise us see that it is eatable and sweet, and of spiritual and physical benefits. It can cure serious illness and can make one get rich quick.”

The suspect, who was not remorseful for his crime, said his only regret was that he had not become as rich as he wanted to be. “My regret is that I did not become rich even after selling human parts. I even found it difficult to feed my family sometimes,” he said.

So much for the “Get Rich Quick Selling Human Bodies” scheme. If you want to know the official Islamic position on cannibalism 

We allowed the eating of the flesh of dead humans… under necessary conditions. It [dead human flesh] must not be cooked or grilled to avoid Haram [wrongdoing]. …and he can kill a murtadd (apostate) and eat him.”

No word on whether the Nigerian Islamic cannibal grilled before eating. That would be Haram.

Of course we know Islam is barbaric, but when it comes to eating people, well, Europeans do it too – at least in Germany.

A few years ago there was a trial in Germany of a man who answered an ad by a man who wanted to find someone who would eat him. The responder invited the advertiser to come and be cooked and eaten.The consumee arrived at the picturesque half-timbered house on the agreed date full of eager anticipation, had his private parts cut off, watched them being fried, then shared them with his fellow cannibal. They were no doubt well-seasoned with condiments and herbs. The host filmed the cooking and dining. After satisfying his appetite by devouring his own flesh, the guest presented the rest of his body to his host and dinner companion, the chef, who cut it up, stored the parts in the deep freeze, and devoured them with deep pleasure and a sincere sense of gratitude to the donor over the next few months.

This cannibal’s name was Armin Meiwes. He was a computer specialist “described as a polite, helpful, but introverted man”. He confessed to “slaughtering and eating the flesh of a Berlin man, identified as Bernd Juergen Brandes. … According to Meiwes, the two men had met in an Internet chat forum, where the victim had advertised his desire to be eaten.”

“I always wanted someone to be part of me,” Meiwes explained at his trial.

“Several films of the killing” were shown in court.

Meiwas liked to watch.

Meiwes, who described himself as bisexual, increasingly found satisfaction in zombie movies, particularly scenes in which flesh was dismembered. He later became interested in Internet chat rooms that dealt with “death” and “cannibalism”. German police officials say that hundreds of users meet in these sadomasochistic and “torture” forums, but mostly for sexual stimulation and role play.

So Islam keeps up its sacred traditions century after century, and in Germany – plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?

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